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Achievement Motivation

So what is achievement motivation? This is basically the condition where an individual has a desire to achieve a certain outcome. Almost everyone has some level of desire to want to accomplish something but some people have it more than others. The importance of this type of motivation can be seen in the workplace. Some people only do enough to not get fire while other people do what they can to achieve a goal at a higher level of difficulty.

Achievement motivation is something that can be developed in an individual. When you have employees who do not have the desire to reach goals, what you will get is lack of efficiency and results. This of course can hurt your bottom line. The obvious solution is to hire people who have a high desire to achieve. These are the people who set achievable goals that are difficult enough to where they will have to push themselves in order to achieve it. They will rarely set goals that don't require much effort to obtain.

As mentioned earlier, this desire is something that can be developed. Many companies hire people to come in a give achievement motivation training to their employees. The goal is to increase their motivation to want to achieve greater things for the company. This can involve a lot of things such as finding out what makes the individuals tick. What gives them a sense of joy? You can find out more about this type of achievement motivation theory online.

The key point here is that there are people who want to achieve grand things in their life while there are others who do not have this desire. The lack of desire can be caused by many different factors such as upbringing, beliefs, and confidence or self esteem levels. With the right type of training and environment, that desire or hunger to do more and be more can be activated. This can be done by disturbing a person's current level of satisfaction. Some people don't desire to achieve more simply because they are comfortable where they are at but at the same time they may not believe that they are capable of more.

Achievement motivation can be an important trait to have not only in an employee but in life in general. The desire to grow as a person can lead to the expansion of the mind and a greater experience of life. Everyone has this capability. It just needs to be activated.

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