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Motivational & Inspirational People

Inspirational People: What limits do we humans have? We still don't know yet. I believe what we're truly capable of has not even come close to discovery.

Throughout history, time and time again, people have risen up despite tremendous adversity and whether in a small or big way, have pushed the limits of what's possible and have inspired countless people to follow their examples.

These videos that I've chosen are about every day inspiring people who've taken what most people would consider a limitation and turned it into an inspiration.

I hope the following videos will motivate and inspire you to take whatever it is you may feel is limiting you, be it your race, gender, occupation, fears, upbringing... circumstance, and break through it. Listen, circumstances happen to everyone. Some have it better, some have it worse. That's life. Life is short. There's really not enough time to complain and feel sorry. You've got one life to live, make it count. Be an inspiration. Love Life. Do Good. Live Well.

Also visit the Inspirational Talent page for more clips of motivating people.

Where the Hell is Matt (This video puts a smile on my face :)

Tony Melendez (Yes, you can)

Team Hoyt (The most inspirational father and son team to race in an Ironman.)

Terry Fox (The Marathon of Hope)

Johnny the Bagger (Anyone can make a difference...)

Brenden Foster (...even the young)

Nick Vujicic (Circumstances are what you make of them)

Patrick Henry Hughes (A hand played well)

Jessica Cox (You don't need 'wings' to fly)

Sean Swarner (1st cancer suvivor to complete the 7-summits, the highest peaks of the 7 continents)

John Foppe (Make the absolute most of what you're given)

Jason McElwain (only you can define your limitations)

John Bramblitt (Blind ambition)

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On another note, motivational videos are also helpful for job searching and resume preparation. With the tough job market we're facing, this site from Andre, Chief Resume Writer, has some great tools and videos for your career search.
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