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Interpersonal Communication Skills

Developing your interpersonal communication skills can be something that will completely improve your happiness level. Most of the problems that we encounter in life that causes us feelings of frustration, sadness, and any other negative emotion is a result of not being able to master our communication skills. If you ever want to be successful in any area of your life, 99% of the time, it will involve communicating with other people at some level. In order to increase your chances of success in areas like your finance and relationships, you will need to improve these interpersonal and communication skills.

Many people believe that when it comes to communication, it's all about talking and listening. Unfortunately, effective communication involves a whole lot more. In fact, studies have shown that only 7% of what is being communicated is words. How you say something and your body language plays a much bigger role than the actual words that you say. Being able to understand and pick up on nonverbal messages is critical if you want to be able to make sure that what you are trying to get across is being received the way you want your message to be received.

As a receiver, instead of just listening to the words that are being said to you, you will need to go beyond that and look for other messages. This is what improving interpersonal communication skills is all about. If someone were to tell you they are very interested in what you have to say but have a very uninterested expression on their face as well as in their body language, then knowing this can help you either change the subject or change your approach in how you are delivering the message.

Although it's nice to be polite and not hurt other people's feelings, thinking that people are mind readers is a sure way to have miscommunication problems. Having the right interpersonal communication skill of listening and delivering the message correctly can at least get you closer to the truth. Everything counts in some way when it comes to figuring out what the other person is really thinking or feeling. The pace at which you speak, the tone of your voice, the amount of eye contact you have, your body position, these things all play a part in delivering your message as well as when you are listening to the message. When you learn these skills, you will even be able to build quicker rapport and lead the conversation through techniques like matching and mirroring.

You can learn more about communication and interpersonal skills by doing some research online or checking out some books. Learning the subtleties of communication can be very interesting and can help you understand why there is so much mis-communication going on. Someone can say one thing but mean something else and unless you can pick up on their body language and other clues, it can be hard to know what they are really thinking. It would be great if everyone would just say what's on their mind but this isn't the case so working on your interpersonal communication skills is the next best thing.

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