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Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is something that most people want. If you have to work to make a living, you might as well find a line of work that you enjoy. The problem is that most people would rather be doing something else. If given the opportunity to go to a better job, who wouldn't jump ship? The challenge for employers then is to find out how to keep their workers happy so they will continue doing a good job and not think about looking for employment elsewhere.

Many employers make the mistake of thinking that the people working for them should feel lucky they even have a job in this type of market. However, depending on what job satisfaction survey you look at, studies have shown that as much as 65% of people who have jobs are currently looking for better opportunities. As you may know, finding and hiring a new employee can be expensive so it's in your best interest to keep the ones you have happy. Of course, there lies the problem. How many people are really happy with their jobs?

I never really got the term job satisfaction. It denotes that you are satisfied with your job but being satisfied isn't the same thing as being happy. In other words, you can have a staff that is 100% satisfied with their job but wouldn't think twice about taking up a better job if the opportunity came up. As a business person, I’m sure you have heard the saying that a satisfied customer isn't enough. You need a loyal customer. Even at that point, you can go up a notch and get a raving fan.

Imagine being able to have raving fans work for your company. How sweet would that be? Unless you have a business that is changing lives all around the world, this may be a little hard to achieve. But how about creating loyal employees? They will be more productive and even if they were offered a higher paying job, they would still stay at your company. How is this done? You do this by treating your employees like you treat your customers.

Employee job satisfaction only touches the surface. People are satisfied with their job. They may not be thrilled, but they are satisfied. This may be fine but if you look at the job satisfaction statistics, chances are that over half of your satisfied employees are looking or at least thinking of looking for other jobs. It's tough to have productivity at an optimal level when your employees' ideal future outlook doesn't include working for your company.

Of course, the findings in job satisfaction surveys may not apply to your specific company but the point is that if you want to not only keep your employees wanting to work for you but to also have them want to be as productive as possible, you will need to go above and beyond.

How do you do this? Just follow the example of some of the best companies in the world. Who hasn't heard about Google providing their people with free gourmet meals 3 times a day? I was floored when I heard that. It makes wanting to work for Google and bragging about working there a dream for many people. Again, create loyal or even raving employees and you won't even have to worry about just have satisfied employees because satisfied just isn't good enough anymore.

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