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Life Lessons
(Things You Wish You Had Known Sooner)

Below are a list of life lessons or things people wish they had known sooner that have been submitted by readers such as yourself. Most are positive while some may be viewed as negative. As we grow older and gain more experience and wisdom, we often abandon what we used to believe but it's still interesting to see what lessons people have come up with at different ages.

If you'd like to share some of the lessons on life that you've learn from your own experience and feel it would benefit others, please fill out the form below. Please avoid submitting quotes found on the net. You can do that over on the quotes pages. These are not in order of importance. They're just numbered for easier reference. Thank you in advance for your submissions. The video below shows a nice lesson about life.

Perfection is Being Beautifully Imperfect

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  1. If you can do what you love for a living, life will be a lot less stressful and a hell of a lot more fun. (Lisa B., 41)
  2. A smile is one of the few contagious things that you should spread. So spread it to everyone! (Marcie W., 27)
  3. Never be too proud to ask for help (especially for directions, ahem). (Ashley V., 23)
  4. Avoid pulling all-nighters. They're no fun and too much Red Bull is no good for you. (David S., 20)
  5. We regret more about the things we didn't do than the things we did do. Get out of yourself and just do it. (Will W., 36)
  6. Stop trying to impress people by being someone you're not because in the end, you'll lose yourself. (Anonymous)
  7. We don't have to do anything - we always have a choice. (Tim W., 38)
  8. The best feeling in the world is getting paid to do what you love to do. (Laozhang, 36)
  9. No one can make you feel anything you don't want to. (Jennifer K., 28)
  10. The older I get, the less I care about what others think of me. Therefore, the older I get, the more I enjoy life. (Michael M., 57)
  11. The word "Family" rarely ends up meaning blood related, and usually ends up becoming who we allow them to be. (Celeste, 29)
  12. The purpose of life is simply to live a life of purpose. With no reason to get up in the morning life can start to really get you down. Watch out retirees! Make sure you retire to something instead of from something. (Ricky K., 33)
  13. If you have the choice to be right or kind, always pick kind! (Kate, 55)
  14. Life is a fight, and even though it seems like you're going to get knocked out, you must keep on fighting! (Frank, 17)
  15. Even a snake's a saint unless stepped upon. Learn to forgive people who hurt you, hate is like holding onto burning coal. (James, 32)
  16. I have taken noticed that the deeper I know about myself, the clearer I understand others. (Sambo, 25)
  17. Make Jesus your best friend. With faith, let Him guide and direct you in all you do. It's guaranteed to work that way. (Ras'Mel, 46)
  18. Change is the only pemanant thing in life. (Malik, 28)
  19. Always put yourself in the other's shoes, if it hurts you, it probably hurts the other too. (Shashank, 19)
  20. Success is a game. The more you play the more you win. The more you win the more successfully you can play the game. (Durga, 40)
  21. Take the stairs. There is no elevator. (Anonymous)
  22. Years at school will seem short compared to a life time of minimum wage jobs. Get a good education, and achieve your dreams! (Anonymous)
  23. Always empty your cup, always ask for more knowledge so you will be able to help yourself and others. (Ameen, 26)
  24. Never be afraid to fail because through failure comes success. (Shanterica B., 15)
  25. I've learn that loving someone doesn't always mean keeping them. Sometimes, it also means you have to let them go. (MJ, 28)
  26. There are no things or powers in life that can offer you a hand to your dreams except meeting new people who are better than you. You always can learn something from them. (Dmitry, 16)
  27. Dream big dreams, believe in yourself, trust in God, and work hard so that those dreams can be a reality. (Natalia, 20)
  28. If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can't buy. (Ayesha, 15)
  29. We regret day and night but overcoming those regret is not that easy. (Aarushi, 14)
  30. Live a life of purpose and love. (Anonymous, 37)
  31. Life is the greatest teacher of its kind. It always teaches us to do more. (Syed H., 46)
  32. If you want something in your life you've never had, you'll have to do something, you've never done. (JD Houston, 42)
  33. My life experience is that I am learning to become more of myself rather than comparing myself with other people. Other people expect me to be like them, but I don't want to be like them, I just want to be more of myself and to accept myself for who I am. (Sharon N., 39)
  34. I had my children very young and if I have managed to teach them half of what they half taught me, then I have done a good job! (Marisela, 35)
  35. From King Solomon: This too shall pass. (Tapasya, 28)
  36. Accept people as they are. (Anish B., 34)
  37. You can't be what you can't see. If you see it... you will be it. (Paula, 52)
  38. When you're trying to achieve something, or improve, remember that there are no limits, only expectations. Expect to do more, and more you will do. (Sahil, 14)
  39. The most funniest thing in life is doing what people say, you can't. (Nandhu, 22)
  40. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed because having ups and downs are always part of it just like a roller coaster ride. (Lorena, 32)
  41. Do not find the reason to smile, just find the way. (Gaurav M., 24)
  42. Love yourself without condition. (Sally, 38)
  43. Past failures should never dictate who you are today or where you are going. (Jackie, 35)
  44. If it's out of your control, why fret about it? (Stacy, 24)
  45. A winner must first know what losing is like. Without failure, there is no success. (Chima O., 30)
  46. In everything that you do always give your 100% as if there's no tomorrow. (Caloyski, 28)
  47. Past records count for nothing when the race starts. (Henry, 23)
  48. If you don't commit to anything, don't commit, but once you do commit, don't live in the middle. (Bala K.)
  49. If you can laugh together, you can work together. (Yuvraj K., 25)
  50. The more you learn, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you earn. The more you earn, the more happier you become. (Babukhan M., 40)
  51. If you want to love people, never judge them. (Ashutosh, 25)
  52. Do what you can for others since you know what you can do for yourself. (Nana, K., 29)
  53. Life is the reflection of your thoughts, so generate pure thoughts to make life beautiful. (Sarita, 25)
  54. In life, nothing is certain and nothing is perfect. Just rise above the challenge. (Star, 32)
  55. Impossibility is what nobody can until somebody does it. (Masak, 26)
  56. Always aim high and aspire big but in the process remain practical, to be happy. (Mukul, 26)
  57. Don't let trouble, trouble you, until trouble troubles you. (Joe A., 52)
  58. Failures may be so hurtful and disappointing, knowing you did your best in everything. But it doesn't mean life must end there. Stand up and live. Keep the Spirit and confidence. Be strong and Keep your faith by making the best out of it. For everything happens for a reason, a reason to teach you and correct you and a reason to bring the strength in you. (Florskie, 26)
  59. Everyone has skeletons in their closets or personal demons they fight but don't let that stop you from being successful. (Matthew A., 23)
  60. Enjoy life and cherish it. Remember the good times, the bad times, and worse times, because each one has made you a better person and has made you grow. (Matthew A., 23)
  61. Between what happened and what will happen is our choice. So choose to be positive in everyday tasks. (Edwin J., 37)
  62. Mind over matter. Matter is an illusion. What matters is mind. (Yeshe D., 62)
  63. Never regret, if it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience. (Stacey, 33)
  64. Life is full of fun if you learn to play with difficulties. (Mayank C., 24)
  65. Nothing changes if nothing changes. (Gina, 53)
  66. I learned how to live my own dreams when I encouraged my son to follow his. (Shenetta, 37)
  67. A teacher is nothing but a clever student. (Mohammed M., 62)
  68. As people we tend to worry about the things that don’t matter and forget about the things that do. Enjoy your life to the fullest because you never know when it’s going to end. So smile more, love more and enjoy more. Dueling on things just ruins your life. Being mad or upset with others for things they have done is just a waste of your energy. You can’t change the past or the mistakes. You can only change your future. (Brian A.)
  69. Life has taught me to always be myself. (Samio, 23)
  70. Review your mistakes committed everyday and promise not to repeat it again.(Pran, 25)
  71. You're never too old to follow your dreams whatever they may be. (Julie S., 55)
  72. Love what you do, do what you love. (Soni, 33)
  73. What a wonderful feeling to be alive. To be able to see the sun shinning and to be able to make something positive happen for us, our family, our community and/or our friends. (Juan J., 38)
  74. Never forget those that gave you a helping hand, someday you will need them again. (Ada, 22)
  75. Don't care what others think of you, and you will save yourself a lot of mental energy that instead can be used to push you towards success. (Neil, 19)
  76. The more obstacles you overcome, the stronger you become. (Kalu C., 33)
  77. Life's a garden... dig it! (Harry B., 34)
  78. People tolerate in life what they subject themselves to. (Kathleen C., 26)
  79. There is no alternative to hard work. (Babesri, 32)
  80. Don't let things happen in your life. Instead make it happen. (Ashok S., 27)
  81. Never live your life compared to someone else's standards, because for one, you don't know what their standards are, and secondly, you are not them. Everyone has their strong points, don't ever downgrade your own. (Gabby, 23)
  82. You can never be happy if you've never been sad. (Matt, 19)
  83. With hope and hardwork anything can be achieved. Don't be afraid with results, it will come with the whole process of commitment and persistence. (Dinesh B., 40)
  84. Be willing to learn more about life in general. (Howard, 28)
  85. Life is like a bicycle with one wheel in front of the other. You leave tire marks of the past behind. You might break sometimes and even have a flat tire. But you never run out of gas. (Amanda, 19)
  86. kEep moVing forWard! (Kamla, 12)
  87. Don't try to be popular, its no ones calling. (Joe, 47)
  88. The more I give of myself unconditionally the more I seem to receive. LIVING IS GIVING - GIVING IS LIVING :) (Colin, 53)
  89. No one gets out alive, and there is no U-haul at the end of a funeral procession - so, leave the best of you behind. (Tom, 59)
  90. When you stand on what you believe in, you can change the world. (Gagan L., 24)
  91. Always demand the impossible, dare to start that dream. (Chris Y., 26)
  92. What you think upon... grows! You'll attract more of what you focus upon.. positive or negative.. It's your choice. Focus on what you have and what's right, not on what you don't have and what's wrong... And say thank you for what you have as often as possible.. it will change your life! (Kalf G., 42)
  93. Perseverance will make you great. (Anbu, 50)
  94. Life is a game of Chess, learn to play it wisely. (Dars M., 23)
  95. Always tell an obstacle that you are bigger than it by overcoming it. (Chuks O., 25)
  96. If your standing in the crowd, you're doing something wrong. (Fred, 17)
  97. Never change your beliefs because someone else wants you to. Change them only because you want to. (Izer, 23)
  98. To have a long lasting relationship with anybody; always look out for their strengths and less at their weakness. (Will, 24)
  99. When you get a second chance in life, do not regret, hold it with both bands and make things happen. Nothing is impossible until you decide to stop trying! (Anonymous, 20)
  100. I learned that life can sometimes be pretty tough but without these challenges, it wouldn't be called life. The down's in life make the up's much more enjoyable. (Mary, 49)
  101. Passion is the overflow of what we are gifted in. (Buick, 37)
  102. I've learned that the contentment of life isn't about what people have to say about you, sometimes we have to be satisfied with what we think we are, be it good or bad. We should not put our happiness in someone else's satisfaction. (Anonymous)
  103. Don't get a job doing what you love because you will learn to hate what you loved. Instead find something that allows you to do what you love during your downtime. (Jon S., 26)
  104. Learning to live stress free and without negative thoughts, is the key to staying positive. The key to staying positive, is living through a lifetime of stressful and negative situations with a positive outlook. (Mark, 52)
  105. Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. (Laurie, B., 52)
  106. Life is like a ball in the field, the ball doesn't move unless the player kick it, so the same to life. Don't allow people to control your life. Your life is in your hands. (Maya S., 27)
  107. Tomorrow is a desire, not a promise. (DJ W., 31)
  108. When you fall for a guy never, ever move to fast because he will only hurt you in the end. (Leisha, 16)
  109. You make your own purpose and trust with good intentions that it is the reason for your existence. (Courtney, 23)
  110. Winners don't count the days,they make the days count. (Harshal, 20)
  111. If you see a rule that isn't good, don't follow it, reach the TOP and then change it. (Dimps, 30)
  112. You will feel that life was too short even if you live to 150 years old. So please don't waste you time, it will never come again. (Irfan B., 23)
  113. Never just sit and dream. Set your dream and chase it 'till you make it. Never think of giving up.(Nelson, 20)
  114. I don't know what I can say, but I can say I don't's the result of life. (Farshad, 26)
  115. If you're not willing to fight and die for your own life you're never gonna be able to fully live. (Juan, 17)
  116. Don't react fast. Respond only after you understand the situation. Don't react if you can ignore. (Roli, 26)
  117. The thing about monkeys on your back, is that, they may throw banana peels under your feet, causing you to slip, and inevitably, fall. (Anivid, 45)
  118. Once you count your blessing, you will lack nothing. Be motivated at all times to do the wonderful things in life. (Somveer S., 40)
  119. When you desire to learn about forgiveness and unconditional love, the only teacher you need is your dog. (Sharon, 27)
  120. Be happy with yourself. Dont let anyone control you and your decisions in your life. You only live one time. Make the best of it. Always have God with you. (Princesita, 27)
  121. In life don't compare yourself with other people. Just live your life according to your strategy and do not fake yourself for the sake of impressing others. (Lungile, 26)
  122. It surely takes a lotta patience to be patient. (Jules, 35)
  123. Life is a school where you are taught all that you never knew. (Keyshia, 20)
  124. Don't ever fret, just forget all the things that you regret because in the end, it's the past. Don't live the next day like your last. (Danielle, 23)
  125. I would say purposelessness is the root of all evil.. have a plan when u wake up in the morning. It's amazing what u can achieve when you do. (Anonymous, 18)
  126. Some people negate the fact that life is a two way street, cant have good without evil, no love without hate, and no truth without lies. (Colby J., 19)
  127. Life is a journey full of obstacles. (Jason, 17)
  128. Our background and things we did may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. (John C., 21)
  129. One thing I learned from the past since my mom died is; to stay strong from the Lord, because God is the God of all comfort. (Shawn, 23)
  130. Listen to your elders because they have lived regret. (Jason, 32)
  131. We all start as beginners, but progress at different rates. (Miguel S., 11)
  132. Life is a journey. Keep walking until you reach your goals. Keep walking. (Oscar, 27)
  133. Life is what I make it, so mind how I take it (react to it)...I believe God will allow us to keep going through the lesson until we pass it in His eyes. (Javonna, 39)
  134. Life is beautiful. Self belief, love, and faith will make you live life without tension and worries. (Aushi, 25)
  135. The harder the challenge the sweeter the victory. The higher the climb the sweeter the View. Your greatest problem is your greatest chlallenge which is your greatest opportunity. (Ari, 18)
  136. I know everything is possible and achievable. (Enoch, 33)
  137. Stop blaming others, stop complaining, stop comparing yourself with others for everything that happens in your life. You just have to stand up and show the world that your are born to win. We all are wonderful the way we are. (Sahsi, 17)
  138. Don't waste your time while you're still young and fresh. Behave well ... go to school and concentrate taking a good education. Education is the best investment and tool to find a better job - your dream. So, let your dreams come true. (Lynn C., 26)
  139. It's not important how much time is being wasted; what's important is what you do with the time that you have. (Wa, 31)
  140. Never follow the traveled path, because it will take you where others has been. Create your own path to be followed by others. (Somveer P., 40)
  141. I have lived through something so terrible I wouldn't wish it on anybody. But through that experience I've learned to forgive all that was done and go on with life because I was strong enough to pull myself through without hurting myself or others around me. (Rachel, 17)
  142. Many ask about the purpose of life but there are few who know that the purpose is in living itself. (Rishabh S., 19)
  143. Be Cool, Be Calm, Be Brave, Be Wise, Just Be. (Nathier G, 30)
  144. You have all the talents needed in your environment and that is why you were made to be there. Just a little confidence in being yourself and keep moving you will be awarded a big gift from the world (NJ, 17)
  145. It doesn't matter how many times you fall; or how many paths you have to take just to get there. Get up and make changes; learn from the past. Act, Move, Learn beacuse no one can do that for you. (CRS, 29)
  146. Whenever you achieve your best, take a moment to congratulate yourself, then aim to go one better. Nobody will be the best at everything they try but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try your best at everything. (Anna, 17)
  147. Smile. Because somewhere it's making someone happy...and pissing someone off at the same time. (Matthew, 20)
  148. The more you get hurt the stronger you get. (BB, 21)
  149. One thing I learned from angry birds (the game); same moves give you same results.If you feel stuck in life simply change your move. (Majd, 33)
  150. Even if being yourself pisses people off, be you. Do not let your fears of not being everyone's friend stop you. Don't let it stop you from being the true you. Once you find yourself and learn to live with yourself, you will find where you belong. (Alex G., 17)
  151. Love yourself first. (Simphiwe M., 21)
  152. Be sure you know you deserve to be loved, be happy, healthy and wealthy. If you don't think yourself worthy, ask "why?" and find the ridiculousness in the answer. (Bogdan, 24)
  153. Life's too short to worry about the mistakes you make. Just be proud of who you are and live to please nobody but yourself. Just live life like there's no tomorrow. (Anonymous, 16)
  154. Life is not about winning, it's about not giving up. (Siddharth, 19)
  155. Do all the good you can. By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can. (Annu, 30)
  156. The youths are always learning, pass on what you can before it dies. (Elijah V., 86)
  157. Life is playing a game of Chess with God. After Every move of yours , he makes the next move. Your move is called CHOICES and his moves are called CONSEQUENCES. (Vivek, 33)
  158. Do not try to be other people. (Ashwini K., 24)
  159. In life, you get as many chances as you are will to take. (Monica M. 27)
  160. Life is a commercial that will be over, but stay turned. Concentrate on the present and never worry about the future. (Clement, 20)
  161. In this life there is no person called loser, but there are people who started from zero and stayed there. (Rowaishan, 24)
  162. Every day may not be good, but there's something good in each day; let's make the most of it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. Believe the impossible and it will come to pass. (Tara S., 39)
  163. It's better to be a man people jealous over rather than the one who gets jealous. (Ian I., 25)
  164. Nothing is impossible, even the word says so itself 'I'm possible'. (Dorothy, 19)
  165. It doesn't matter how many say it cannot be done or how many people have tried it before; it's important to realize that whatever you're doing, it's your first attempt at it. (Geolabious, 22)
  166. The day you will stop looking yourself from others eyes,you can achieve whatever you want. (Vineet, 20)
  167. Pay your bills on time. (Maya M., 28)
  168. Work for the job you want, not the job you have. (Zac, 25)
  169. Life is always simple.. but WE make it 'complicated' by our complex thoughts. (Aditi, 21)
  170. Do not waste your time looking for a star to shine into your life; instead, make yourself a star to shine into your own life. (Manuel J., 20)
  171. A challenge is only a new way to learn and grow. (Ryan, 13)
  172. Fall in Love with the Creator of the Universe! He is also your Savior. He knows you because He made you. It's not about religion it's about relationship. (Cythnia, 49)
  173. Don't always live with the all-or-nothing attitude.Often something small is better than nothing at all. (Anonymous, 15)
  174. Live your life the way you want to and not the way others expect you to live. (Shiv, 28)
  175. Do not try so hard to fit in, because you were born to stand out! (Annielace, 53)
  176. The greatest lesson I have learned is to walk in someone else's shoes. This expands our moral awareness. (Jahlion T., 17)
  177. The past has the potential of repeating itself. (Ernest, 31)
  178. Life moves on, don't keep your problems. (Jake, 36)
  179. Life is like an ice cream. Enoy it before it melts so make your each day happy and free. (Chirag, 23)
  180. Do what you want to do and don't let other opinions change that. (Filbert, 15)
  181. You're beautiful. Society is the ugly one. (Mary, 26)
  182. Live your life how you want to live it, not how people want you to live your life. (Danielle, 17)
  183. Many people go through life jealously guarding a jewel that nobody wants. Share generously and it comes back to you many times over. (Madam Mel, 67)
  184. Life is special, don't waste a second of it. (Stephanie, P., 17)
  185. Enjoy life because we might not have the chance to do it tomorrow. (Ash, 17)
  186. Be honest all the time. (Alvie, 17)
  187. Live in the moment; even if that means doing nothing. (HG, 15)
  188. Life is what you make of it, so I mind how I react to it. I believe God will allow me to keep going through the lesson until I pass it in his eyes. (Marsha, 42)
  189. God determines your fate you determine your life's road. For every road is a stepping stone. (Heather, C., 40)
  190. There are very few things in life worth ever really getting upset about. (Innessa, K., 19)
  191. Watch out because what goes around, really does come back around. (Anonymous, 18)
  192. life lessons

  193. Give your best in whatever situation you face in life so that you don't have to be surprised of the best you get from life. (Mayuresh, D., 22)
  194. Life is like a river flowing, if you don't swim against the current it will take your against your hopes. (Thatayaone, M., 27)
  195. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. (Gary, 45)
  196. If you spend your life, respecting others, all in good taste, doing your real best and by doing this reaching your potential, but most importantly spending life loving others, even the difficult ones, who teach us, and being loved, that's truly a rich life. (Ciara, 19)
  197. Every mistake is a lesson to learn from. (Collin, 18)
  198. Things change as well as people, but that's the thing about life. We must learn to deal with it. (JPC, 16)
  199. Keep your chin up and you will succeed. (Gabster, 11)
  200. Time keeps moving, whether you are or not. (Dakota S., 16)
  201. Money can't buy you love or true happiness, but it can give you choices. (Tony, 42)
  202. When you make the friends of your life, you'll know them because they won't judge you when you screw up, they won't complain when you whine to them, and they won't attempt to comfort you when you're inconsolable. They'll tell it to you straight up, no lies. And when you're starving, they'll sit there, grin, and eat the very last bag of Cheetos. (Maddie F., 12)
  203. If you're working towards a common goal - why not work together? (Shari B., 46)
  204. You must respect yourself before others can respect you. (Welile, 22)
  205. He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything and that everything includes wealth; so in your struggle for a wealthy life, do not lay down your health (Estell, 62)
  206. We are our own worst enemies. We are too hard on ourselves. We easily forgive others but ourselves. Learn to accept what ever comes our way. (Akwasi O., 50)
  207. You cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them. (Joshua, 13)
  208. Independence is individuality, give yourself the gift of responsibility. Do the things your never dreamed you could. (Shannon, 21)
  209. If you find yourself trying to hard to be yourself, just turn your attention in your own direction. Do what pleases you and that in itself, will be pleasing to others. (Shannon, 21)
  210. Sacrifice is an option, happiness is your choice. (Princess F., 18)
  211. Always be ready to learn and never regret. What's the best way to learn than from your own mistakes? You learn a life lesson with every mistake. (Jeevi, 15)
  212. It is not always you hit the iron when it is hot, instead hit the iron so hard that it becomes hotter. Every problem is a business opportunity, be cautious to grab it. (Somvir P, 40)
  213. The greater the effort , the greater the reward. (Justin, 16)
  214. Money isn't everything, because it can't buy love. (Oshai L., 18)
  215. Life is like coin; you can spend it anyway you want but you only spend it once. Don't regret the way you spend that coin and enjoy the process of spending that coin.(Francisco Q., 20)
  216. Every day is a step, if you fall learn from it and fix it. Be patient, one step at a time is the best pace you can go. (Ravinder, 18)
  217. The hardest thing in life is finding out who we are. Every person is special and unique. Remember this: In thousands or even millions of years of human existence there has never been a person like you and there won't be for another thousand years. The worst tragedy in life is that most people live their whole lives and die without knowing who they are. Only by answering this age old question will we be able to live our life with passion and purpose. You are special. Don't waste it. (Paul C., 50)
  218. When you are trying to be good at something, keep in mind that only the single very best person has nobody that is better than them. Don't let your failures trouble you. (John, 18)
  219. Life is a lesson itself, you learn it won't be fair, not everyone will have the same chance of success, you will learn that the world is filled with hate, envy, war, and you will learn that the world is filled with love, peace, and friendship. (Robby V., 14)
  220. Don't let the bad things in life bother you. Keep it real and be happy because getting worked up about the small things is a waist of time you will never get back. And tomorrow's never promised so make the best of today. And then when tomorrow doesn't come for you, you will have no regrets. (Chance, 16)
  221. In life you have to be like a postage stamp and stick to something till you get there. (Unknown)
  222. Attempting to appeal to everyone, will in the end, cause you to appeal to no one. It also makes you lose yourself in something you are not. (Timothy W., 18)
  223. To live a day saying "I've done nothing extraordinary in my life." Is to live a day where you're trying not to make a difference. KNOW that you are extraordinary. Make a difference. (Timothy W., 18)
  224. The person that will make you the happiest, will also make you the saddest. (Jess, 17)
  225. Expectations in personal life and desperation in professional life has always lead me to unhappiness. (Gopi, 35)
  226. We truly are all equals. Never act like your higher than somebody else because we all came into this world the same way, and you could easily end up like them too. (Amber, 16)
  227. Count your Blessings not your stressings! (TJ, 31)
  228. Learning to trust again can be the hardest thing anyone could ever do. (Megan, 12)
  229. Never forget the impossibility of our planet, hurtling through space, and cling to the surface. And every minute is wonderful. (Bella H., 16)
  230. While dealing with labourers, remember before extending concessions"what you give as a concession today to one person, would be claimed as a matter of right some body else. therefore, be careful while promising to labourers. (Ramanathan, 71)
  231. Even if a lie seems small, it's certainly big enough for you to later regret telling it. (Tamara, 16)
  232. Never change for anybody because someone out there is looking for someone like you. (Elizabeth, 20)
  233. Never pour spaghetti down the sink disposal. (Zander, 19)
  234. If life was perfect we would never have a chance to find ourselves. (Anonymous, 22)
  235. If you find something different, cherish it for it may be gone someday. (Ron, 17)
  236. Life is a juicy fruit, just suck the sweet nectar out of it. (Sphiwe M., 32)
  237. If there's only one person you can count on, let it be yourself. (Olivia, 20)
  238. Family First. (John R., 19)
  239. Life is too short and worry to much. Live life meaningful and with a purpose, it's the ultimate goal. (R, 40)
  240. Whenever youre facing a difficulty in life, simply tell youself, "It could have been worse." (Sunra, 26)
  241. Opportunities are just at hand...all you have to do is to be on guard so it wont pass you unknowingly. And once you have them, cling on and treat it like a precious gem. (Omar, 32)
  242. People should'nt dwell on the past. Its enough to try your best in all that you're doing now. There's sunshine in every darkness. (Apsara, 21)
  243. Life is fragile, handle with prayer! (Laine L., 12)
  244. There is only 1 way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything. (Aka K., 28)
  245. Hard work will always pay off in the end; in ways better than ever! (Katie, 14)
  246. Live is a river we all flow on. I've learned to appreciate the peaks and not to worry about the valleys as much. (Melissa K., 12)
  247. You can't change people but you can change yourself and be a model for others. (Genky N., 22)
  248. What the mind harbors, the body manifests. We are what we think! (Joseph G., 47)
  249. If you want to come up in life listen to the inner voice rather than everyone around as they WILL mislead. (Shanthi S., 42)
  250. Live your life as a dream so you could always have something to look forward to. (Abraham C., 16)
  251. Life is too short, don't waste your time watching and judging other people's lives! (Michelle, 30)
  252. Never trust anyone. (Fa, 17)
  253. Off in the distance there are calm waters...( my divorce mantra) (Robin, 50)
  254. There are no mistakes in life, only challenges that you hardly passed. (Gina, 26)
  255. Don't let people bring you down everyone shines in there own way. (Angeliek, 11)
  256. Don't take things for granted you never know when you will lose something that you never expected to lose. (Shelby M., 16)
  257. Depression only sets in when we look at the situation in our own perspective, rather than that of our Lord and saviour. (Penelope, 23)
  258. Keep a positive adittude even during adversities and negative energy out of your life and you won't lose. (Renee, 27)
  259. When people treat you poorly, keep being who you are; don't let people bitterness change the person you are. (Reese, 27)
  260. Life is like learning to ride a bike, if you don't pedal you don't get anywhere. (Paul V., 64)
  261. Guard your heart. Because after all those who truly love you are the ones willing to climb over the walls you've built up around it. (Ashley, 14)
  262. We make our own decisions, we can't blame other people when things go wrong in our lives. It's up to us, if we something of your life, up to you to make it happen. We can't blame our circumstances or our family. We are all born into particular family. You can't choose your family but you can choose what you want to become. Everybody gets an opportunity but it's always up to the individual to make the most. (Herman M., 19)
  263. Opposition is a catalyst to progress for those who are on good course and those who have something to deliver. If no one backs you up God certainly will. (Adaji, 35)
  264. Always trust your inner voice, as it is the the inner compass that empowers us to align our lives to perfection, not the external one. (Anupam, 39)
  265. Where there is a will, there is more than one way. (Don O., 22)
  266. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is. (Kathy, 21)
  267. Life is to live and enjoy. You could enjoy life if you are a contributor/giver. At the same time, remember that we are interdependent beings. We need one another. So in short, love and be loved; that's the way to live an enjoy life. (Karthik S., 35)
  268. Always be honest and logical in your words and your actions and society can never hurt you. (Sebastian, 19)
  269. When through our life's journey, we become selfless, forget our own worries and be compassionate towards others, pray for them, God will always take your worries & problems off your mind, your shoulders. (Evangeline R., 66)
  270. They say opportunity knocks....well I say not everything that knocks is an opportunity, I'm looking through the peephole first. (Regina, 34)
  271. The good guy doesnt always win. (Alex L., 16)
  272. Don't hold on love too tight for you may strangle it. (Amina M., 50)
  273. Even if it seems like everything is falling down and crumbling around you, don't forget Newton's Law of Physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so soon everything will go your way! (Sarah, 12)
  274. Count your blessings and write the number down. You will be surprised by how large it is. (KN, 40)
  275. Just Don't put off what you can do this day, this week, or this year because "one" of these days could end up being "NONE" of these days! (Gabrielle, 46)
  276. Reading can open doors that no keys can. Worship books. (Sangita, 40)
  277. Be who you are, because the kind of people who will only accept you if you're someone you're not aren't worth earning your acceptance. The kind of people who love you for who you are don't need to be impressed with falseness. Be who you are. (Sarah, 12)
  278. There are no shortcuts in life to any place worth going to. (Michelle, 33)
  279. Love is blind not by your vision but by your heart. (Ranjini R., 19)
  280. Lessons are repeated until they are learned. (Summer, 20)
  281. A change for no change is no change at all. (Steve, 68)
  282. Honesty leads to trust, truth leads to security and lie leads to heartache. Remember not to allow anyone to be your everything because when they're gone, you have nothing. (Noelle, 25)
  283. If it won't matter in a year, it's not worth worrying about. (Claire, 19)
  284. A vision and a mission are useless without ambition. (TJ, 23)
  285. Keep your eyes on your opponent's eyes, don't blink, don't look back. Be a SEAL. You already won. (Belkys, 48)
  286. It takes as much energy to smile and think positive as it takes to be sad. So get up, take a good look in the mirror and smile! (Ingeborg, 21)
  287. Have faith in God, love and respect all,aspire and work for the best and glorious in life! (Dr. Rathore, 47)
  288. The lesson will keep presenting itself until it is learned. Pay attention to what your experiences are trying to teach you. (Ginger L., 40)
  289. 10,000 ways to tell a lie and only one way to tell the truth! Life lesson, just tell the truth! (Jasper, P., 41)
  290. Make failure your best friend and rejection your middle name. (Janet L., 31)
  291. Don't be the first person in everything. It only gets you more envy from friends. (Getu, 43)
  292. Feel strength from knowing weakness, laughter and charity from knowing sadness, and wisdom from learning from mistakes. (Steve A., 48)
  293. Knowledge is good to have yes, but don't get so caught up in trying to get it that you end up losing a part of yourself. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss. (Sam, 18)
  294. Don’t let opportunity pass. If you have it grab it. It’s a waste of time regretting why you did not do it. (Aimee, 39)
  295. Love. (Olivia, 17)
  296. In life we're taught to love the smile of the world, but the most important one is in the mirror. (Nick M., 25)
  297. Success and failure are equally available to all. Your daily choice determines where you belong. (Chika A., 40)
  298. I wish I knew now what I thought I knew then. (Kirby, 47)
  299. Remember that your life is always Good & Better, than the one who is hungry without anything. (Chethan N., 25)
  300. If you feel like your life is all uphill, here's the thing, the view from the top is amazing! (Sharon, 35)
  301. Life may not treat you well if you don't treat her well. For all you are taking from her at least give her something. (Olu, 44)
  302. Things you do make you who you are. If you don't like who you are change. (Megan, 15)
  303. The most important thing to do after you get out of a relationship is to stay in one with yourself. (Jess N., 17)
  304. If someone does something that upsets you, try to understand why they did it. If you can understand it, you can let it go. (Mikaela, 14)
  305. Dreams don't only have to exist when the lights are out and you eyes are shut. (Christina, 16)
  306. To say people can't change is not true. They just have to want to do it bad enough and need to do it in their own time. (Michelle, 35)
  307. Never expect more than you know one will give, and you will never be disappointed. (Meshell, 44)
  308. You will only past onto this world once, so make the most out of it by loving deeply, showing kindness and living each day as if its your last with Jesus holding your hands. (Jennie, 30)
  309. Never get too attached to anything . Anything . People, especially . You feel like there never going to leave your side until they say goodbye. (Gisselle, 13)
  310. Don't tell you problems to anyone for 70% don't care and 30% are happy for having such problem. Keep your faith in God and you will never be disappointed. (Omar B., 26)
  311. Sometimes life may knock you down but just pick yourself back up otherwise, what's the point of continuing to live. (Divinia, 13)
  312. Take a closer look and use your heart to feel, there's more to life than we've ever realized. (Lyz, 18)
  313. Fate brings people together, so we should make the best out of it. (Celeste, 17)
  314. Life is to be lived to the fullest and to leave a great legacy after you. Because no one remembers what you leave with them but what you leave IN them - that's your legacy. (Oluseyi, 36)
  315. Life is like skydiving, you lunge forward and hope for the best. (Mario, 15)
  316. Life is meant to be tough, to challenge you, and to make you stronger but sometimes, it's OK to let go of some people that meant a lot to you, to help them understand your value and importance in the future. (RD, 23)
  317. I can forgive & forget easily until someone reminds me of what I was forgiving. (Connie B., 43)
  318. Comfort zones are never comfortable. They are the biggest obstructions to your growth. (Aditi, 35)
  319. Don't give a dog your money. (Quentin, 15)
  320. If you act "AS IF" in life you will eventually "BECOME". (MC, 42)
  321. Never pretend to be someone else, let people know the real you because someone in this world loves and accepts u for who u are. being somebody else doesn't make u happy. You're just like insulting ur own self, do the thing u want, things u love to do and never have regrets. (Mae, 15)
  322. You choose who you love. (Meg, 18)
  323. Family above all. (Daisy, 26)
  324. Don't try to cheat in school because you can't cheat life. (Tiffeny, 13)
  325. The sky will never be the limit you can go infinity and beyond and still go farther and succeed beyond imagination. (Tiffeny, 13)
  326. Forgiveness is not an emotion but a choice. (Vanessa, 23)
  327. Everyone deserves a second chance to make a first impression. (Karl W., 57)
  328. You get what you give, meaning you reap what you sow. (Dwight, 56)
  329. Never regret that you once loved with all your heart. (Jowein, 25)
  330. Along your journey of life, there will be suffering, pain, disappointments and even obstacles, but never give up before you reach your destination; you might be much closer to success than you can imagine. (Fezz, 35)
  331. Stay in school. (Alex, 14)
  332. The true meaning, value and purpose of life, is to share the greatest part of ourselves with others - the world around us. (Akin, 37)
  333. Lifetime relationships teach you lifetime lessons. (Sherlyn T., 22)
  334. Enjoy your age and live every minute of it cause you wont live the same age again. (Heather, 17)
  335. It's not all about looks. (Lisa, 40)
  336. In life There is no Good days or Bad days. There is only days, Good or Bad depend on how you want it to be. So if you want every day could be a GOOD DAY. (Pat, 23)
  337. As soon as you start each day, tell yourself that you're going to have a good day (and try to believe it). You really will. It works every time. (David L., 23)
  338. Comparing yourself today, to your past self, is useless. You will hate who you've become, because the past person is usually better. (Myr, 17)
  339. True love is not being able to sleep because reallity is finally better than your dreams. (Jeremy, 28)
  340. In all things, good and bad, give thanks. (Stacia W., 22)
  341. Work hard while you're young. (Rose, 18)
  342. You always have a choice, and your choice will make a difference. (Adones, M., 30)
  343. Be careful not to kick someone who is down, because they may get up again. (Deb, 42)
  344. You can never give up on anything or anyone you believe in, but on the same note, you can not let who or what you believe in hold you back when the time is not right for what you know should be. (Shelly, 43)
  345. I believe every situation happens for a reason, but every choice is our own. (Heriberto R., 18)
  346. You cannot go to a better position unless you are tired of the position you are in. (Norman, 19)
  347. The only person you're hurting is yourself, when you let little things in life piss you off! (Ridhi, 17)
  348. Sometimes you need to lose in order to win at the end. (Noga, 33)
  349. Lower your expectations if you don't want to get disappointed. (Johanna C., 39)
  350. You can't control how other people act and behave, but you can control how you react. (Johanna C., 39)
  351. Don't part with God because of life challenges. (Tshipidi, 26)
  352. Learn to love and appreciate yourself unconditionally, its the only way you can learn to love and appreciate others unconditionally. (Boatametse, 31)
  353. When looking up on the sky, know that God is always there and even next to you then your day will go peaceful. (Debbie, 49)
  354. There is no truer sentence in our world today than: "Love ya don't tell ya enough". Use it, it's not only true, but makes people smile. (Jeff, 37)
  355. I have come to realise that love is a simple thing but hard to understand often times. (Ezekiel I., 31)
  356. I am not married but when it comes to love issues, my advice is "marry your best friend and not your most beautiful friend cox your best friend may not be your most beautiful friend and your most beautiful friend might not be your best friend." (Ezekiel I., 31)
  357. Dancing is always free. (Deb, 52)
  358. Success is sweet, if you sweat. (C., 25)
  359. Love your sister and your brother, love you friend, I have just buried mine and he was the best friend ever, never go home on a row cos you never know if its the last one you,ll ever have, live as god taught us to live and you will never go wrong. (Teresa E.)
  360. I learned this lesson when I was in graduate school and asked the woman in charge of the xerox machine to make a copy for me. Her response was to leave it in the box and pick it up later. If you give someone a little authority, they go nuts abusing that authority. (Mark W., 64)
  361. Always learn new things, empieza por un idioma, it's always a good thing to know what other people in different countries are saying, sabias? (Fernando, 19)
  362. Love comes out of the window when poverty knocks at the door. But other people believes that when poverty knocks, it punches on you but you have to knock it out with patience and perseverance. (Julie P., 59)
  363. The hardest realization is that you can't change or control anyone's behavior or choices but your own. (Peggy M., 53)
  364. To know the REAL you is to REALLY love you. (Micheala, 29)
  365. Life is the longest thing you'll ever do so don't regret. (Shannon, 16)
  366. Advice is what we ask for when we know the answer, but wish we didn't! (Anonymous, 36)
  367. Life is more bearable, if it's lived lightly. (Frederick V., 21)
  368. Learn to love at an early age... the people that you pass up might just be the people made for you but you wont know that if you don't know how to love them the right way. (Christian, 14)
  369. Never take dieting advice from a fat person. (Alana, 36)
  370. Life's too short to play silly games. (Marlayne, 17)
  371. It's not about winning as an individual, it's about trying as a team. (Lexi, 23)
  372. Be happy and don't worry about things that you can't control. You should be concerned but not worried. (John P., 31)
  373. Life is how you make it. You have to know the System and beat it. (Anonymous, 42)
  374. Never expect anybody to say, think,or do anything. (Veronica, 18)
  375. Life is a fight, and even though it seems like you're going to get knocked out, you must keep on fighting. (Jorge, 15)
  376. Some people say "blood is thicker than water", I say "LOVE is thicker than them both." meaning like a spouse, you can love someone just as much if not more though they're not blood related. (Cole, 32)
  377. Be honest. It builds trust. (Annie, 19)
  378. When you go back to the place you started from and see the difference in the things you did you can be sure you have definitely come a long way and that in its self is a sign of change. And any change is better than no change. Stagnation is death blow. (San, 26)
  379. Life is but a fleeting moment in time, so let your spirit burn brightly for all to see. (Vinnie, 65)
  380. Every time I trust people they teach me why I shouldn't. (Sukanya, 17)
  381. Only those who pay the price win the prize and with God all labour is profit. (Ngozi, 30)
  382. It's never too late to cut out the negative people in your life. (Clarissah, 37)
  383. The best things in life are very hard to achieve. You can do it. Don't expect mommy and daddy to achieve YOUR greatness. (Coach Cline, 39)
  384. Life is simple. Just follow the heart that God gave you. It's the only best thing that you can ever do. (Ray F., 26)
  385. Judging others is the greatest mistake I ever made. It wasted my time. It hurt me and it hurt others. It is not my job to be the judge. I am a terrible judge. People want to be accepted forgiven and loved, not picked apart and judged. (Jane, 50)
  386. Sometimes you just have to just try imagine yourself in someone life for a day, if it hurts you, it probably hurts them. Compassion is something we have to little of I have lived through all kinds of things life has given me. But through that experience I've learned to forgive and all that was done and go on with life. Life is to short for anger by the time you want to say I love it maybe to late. Forgive and just hold on to life make the best of it. (Blanche, 54)
  387. The best of you lies in your best decision, not in years on Earth or energy available but commitment put into your decision. (Don D., 27)
  388. Always Keep Your Self Respect. Dont Love anyone more than yourself... be happy (Anny, 28)
  389. Life is like a game, you when some and lose some, but never give up. (Marcos G., 19
  390. There are no wrong decisions. We just think it's wrong because we aren't satisfied of its results. (Janna A., 20)
  391. We choose to make things COMPLICATED. :) (Janna A., 20)
  392. My mother told me, " I should have started living for joy sooner", so i started living for joy, right that very moment and for as long as i live. (Paul, 22)
  393. You are smart, you are funny and damn it, people like you. (Paul, 22)
  394. Life can be hard but you will improve as it goes on. (MH, 15)
  395. Everything happens for the best. (Amanthie W., 26)
  396. We're all weird. It's just who's willing to admit it that makes us normal. (Kat G., 18)
  397. Never sign any paper without an attorney! (Travis, 21)
  398. You will not get to your destination if you pay attention to every dog that barks. (Rovz, 20)
  399. Never make decisions based on what others may think. Do what feels right in your heart. (Inahat, 19)
  400. Time is one of things in life that once gone never come back again. (LastDesertMan, 35)
  401. I learned that researching / reading is the way out of ignorance. (Christian, 23)
  402. Think twice before you text or might regret it later. (Anonymous)
  403. Once you stop trying to impress others and start to be yourself is when you'll truly become happy. (Colin, 18)
  404. Life is a story, make yours a best seller. (Jared, 18)
  405. Don't stop just because something is in your way. (Allison, 10)
  406. Death is what makes life precious. (Anonymous)
  407. However keen some may be to say "Life's what you make it", the fact remains that some things in life are out of your control. Never mind all this "You can do anything" nonsense. The one thing that makes life a lot easier is when you accept that "It just is". (Hapless Lummox, 42)
  408. It's not where you go or what you do, it's who you take along with you. (Natasha, 23)
  409. There is no meaning to life, because its you who gives life meaning. (Bruce W., 19)
  410. I always trust my selves: my soul, my spirit, my heart, my body, my highest. (Richard, 47)
  411. Life has taught me that the best I can be when I compare myself with somebody is number two. Imitation is limitation. Choose to be the best you were created to be. (Elias M., 20)
  412. The best way to help yourself is to help someone else. (Laurie, 47)
  413. Life, there is just one so it's better to enjoy it instead of to live it sad. (Julie T., 12)
  414. Life always sucks.. when one run out of juice. (Shaan, 33)
  415. Life is great in all terms. There is no setback; those are only lessons if you can learn. (Vishal B., 26)
  416. To dominate without violation is an art form. (Vivian, 41)
  417. If you let fear take over, it will take you to places you never want to be. (Ann, 20)
  418. Walk slowly, get that tattoo, watch the sunrise, write letters, skip rocks, call your mom, jump off cliffs (into water), kiss a stranger, journal, ride with the windows down, talk to old people, smile at strangers, eat lots of ice cream, viva. (Kelcany, 20)
  419. Never allow misery to be included in your life decisions. Don't be swayed by what other people think of you. Know what you love doing! Sometimes what may not work for others may work for you. (Malone, 24)
  420. Pay the price. It's always worth it, even if only to yourself. (Damon, 38)
  421. The day is how YOU make it, so make it a good one! The outcome of every situation that comes your way, is completely up to YOU! Make it good, or make it bad, choice is yours. (Beth, 26)
  422. Know who you are. Those who truly love you won't try to change you. (Kathleen, 16)
  423. Sometimes in life you have to completely break down and lose everything. Once everything falls apart you can start all over again , a fresh start. And you will realize that the things you lost were of no use in your life anyway. (Wendy P., 19)
  424. Every meeting and connection you have is a miracle and with that miracle we grow bigger, stronger, and smarter. Accept people you meet and make the best of the time with them. (Sam, 18)
  425. When you have to choose between you or your friend, it isn't likely that there will be a right choice. So the best answer would be to pick the choice that you could live with better. (Sam, 18)
  426. I don't mind testing my waters as long as I know I wont drown in it. (Anna, 22)
  427. Hold to faith; faith in God; faith in yourself; faith in others; faith in your's the anchor that keeps us steady in the sea of life. (Deborah, 52)
  428. One of the most difficult things to do is to stop smoking. Never, ever take that first puff, that is all it takes for a life long addiction. (Hank, 51)
  429. Don't save up money throughout your whole life. You might die materially rich and could have used it to enlighten or help people which is worth a thousand times more. (Andros, 51)
  430. If you choose to be and/or do differently, don't whine because people see and/or treat you differently. (Rhonda, 57)
  431. You are a very special and important person. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. (Paul, 17)
  432. Don't be afraid to say, 'I don't Know', truly the smarter answer than to make things up. (Moe, 16)
  433. You aren't going to remember the moments when you didn't make mistakes. (Amanda, 17)
  434. As cliché as it sounds, never take anything for granted. Cherish everything - moments, time, people, opportunity; because when they're gone, they often don't come back again. (Marcus, 22)
  435. Life is work sleep eat and fun and little worry because your not alone. (Sukanta D., 26)
  436. It's not what you accomplish while you are here; it's what you leave behind when you are gone. (Pino, 51)
  437. Don't try to fit in because you want to be the same as everyone else. You were born to stand out. Don't try to be someone else. Be you. (Anonymous)
  438. When you starting doing things for yourself, you start living. (Justin, 16)
  439. Life sucks. But there's challenges you pull through that show that you're worthy of having it, and if you can't pull through those challenges? Well it doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a life, it just means you need to improve. Remember, your whole life is ahead of you. You could pull off something pretty damn impressive. (Tyler A., 15)
  440. While it is nice to love someone deeply, Always guard against giving your all because when if you do then it becomes easy for them to break your heart. (Ryan, 43)
  441. I really believe the saying "No one can keep 'YOU' down except your SELF", because whatever may people say about you, you'll still stand with chin up! If you ignore them. But if you listen to what they say and even your self you look down. Your the only one who really lose in the end. (Rhodora, 17)
  442. Life is not a fairytale, happiness doesn't just fall from the sky, but that doesn't mean we can't each have our own fairytale ending, as long as we are willing to work for it. (Kylie, 16)
  443. Every day is a brand new start. Don't fall into the trap. We are Never Alone because we are always One. (Claudia, 25)
  444. Nobody can judge your life. Every choice is your decision, your experiance and your consequence. In the end, and so you're all alone with it... First rule: don't judge people. (Karoline, 21)
  445. For all the bosses out there... Being the person You have to be sometimes sucks... But it is truly necessary! (Javier, 31)
  446. Dicipline is staying when you want to leave, and leaving when you want to stay. (Colleen, 35)
  447. Anger, do not hold on to it. It's self-destructive, unless you can use it as an engine for you drive. (Vic, 23)
  448. Just spend time with YOURSELF rather spending time with others, analyse yourself everyday, you will get the best company in the world which is God. (Shama, 17)
  449. You cant always control situations, or how you feel, but you always have control over your own actions. (Matt, 16)
  450. A secret is only a secret if you don't tell anyone. (Cat, 18)
  451. Always expect the worse and you will be ready for anything. (Diana, 52)
  452. Don't waste your present worrying about your future. (Nina, 15)
  453. My life my style. You live your life and I live my life. (Joe B., 52)
  454. I've learned that in life people will tell you what they think is best. What I've come to find is that they know nothing, but what is best for themselves and not yourself. (James, 21)
  455. Don’t get upset about what others say or do. You are responsible only for your own words and actions. (Eddy, 57)
  456. The worst failure is to fail to remain focused on achieving your set life dream. (Egwim M., 38)
  457. Now I've got children to teach, where as, I've learned little or nothing from my parents. A circle of mistake. (Egwin M., 38)
  458. Promises were meant to be kept. Falling back on them just makes us believe about the ill society we have today, where even good people lie, cheat and steal. (Eric, 20)
  459. Life hurts sometimes but that's just part of life, keep your head up stay on your feet and don't let yourself fall in the end you will see that it was just a bump in the road. (Amanda, 19)
  460. Accept who you are. (Lysan, 18)
  461. As young as I may be, I've learned that the time spent dwelling over a broken heart should be spent celebrating the love of those who will always be around to pick up the pieces. (Ryan, 19)
  462. No matter how stupid and annoying someone is they will not be wrong all the time. (Cat, 31)
  463. Never waste your time thinking about people who don’t deserve your attention and are good at nothing other than hurting others. (Paramjeet, 26)
  464. Believe a person that promises twice, but not thrice. (Ina, 31)
  465. In the life too many things you can start but you can stopped. Be careful what you start. (Mohsen, 40)
  466. I never felt at ease with myself, my life, or my body until I chose to embrace or welcome the things I have feared the most. (Gail, 39)
  467. I've learned that just because you love someone, does NOT mean you have to try to make the relationship work. Sometimes you can love someone who is not compatible with you and nothing you do will make it work. Let them go and find someone else to love. (Cheryl, 35)
  468. Wanting nothing makes you have everything. (Jahlma, 40)
  469. Okkay.... Im 11 and I have more problems than a 40 year old...... I know i have down alot of bhadd things but its like ppl dont want to see yhu change they just continue to treat yhu bhadd?? i learnt that it doesnt take people to make yhu change it takes yhu to change yourself... if iht doesnt make since to yhu thats fine.... but iht makes plenty of since to meeh.... remember im only 11.... im stil young.:) (Khaylah R., 11)
  470. Learn from your past. Past mistakes don't matter. If you drop the ball, what are you going to do? you're going to pick it up and run. you're not going to sit there and cry, not going to sit there and think about the mistake...think about how you're going to fix it. (Anonymous)
  471. The hardest thing is to stand in front of someone you like knowing he will never be yours. (Nina, 20)
  472. Never mix yogurt with potato chips it gives you diarrhea. (Bryan, 18)
  473. I've learned that, you can't always please everyone, you just do your best. I suppose God has a plan for us and when it doesn't work out the way we thought it was supposed to, perhaps, God intended for that experience not to manifest for our own benefit. You have to think through all the possibilities of why it was better that you did not go through that experience before you can truly appreciate that the outcome was for your own benefit and protection. (Patrick, 52)
  474. Are you giving life your all or merely doing the minimum while wishing things would get better? Give it your all, take a chance, make a change. (Stefanie, 27)
  475. Life is hard, it gets harder, we learn things that we didnt wanna know, maybe a friend wasnt actually your friend, maybe your hero wasnt as great as they seemed but its knowing this that makes life easier, always be prepared and take nothing for granted. (Bob, 19)
  476. God has made our life simple and beautiful, let us work on keeping it that way. (S. P., 34)
  477. Would you rather regret the things you did, or regret that you did not? Your personal bias to this will give you permission to stop kicking yourself, either way, or even give you permission to try "the other way". (Darren, 44)
  478. Meditation creates space in your busy mind that often leads to insights and noticing those things which are actually most important. (Blaine, 49)
  479. Being inspired comes before inspiring. (Paul, 60)
  480. If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. (Matt M., 10)
  481. Take people how you find them, not how you want them to be. (Steve H. 52)
  482. He wasn't the one if he never fought for you... don't stop fighting for love just because he stopped fighting for you. Have the courage to believe in love again, and again, and again, because without it we have nothing. He lost all the love you have. His loss. (Taylor, 17)
  483. No one but yourself controls you. No one can make the hard decisions for you. Those are up to you. Make the decisions you feel comfortable making. If you don't like something, make a decision that suits you. Once you make a decision, you can't change it. Make The RIGHT Choice The First Time. There's no second chances! (Anonymous)
  484. We are passionate about the things that matter when everything else is taken away from us. (Stacey, 28)
  485. The way to become great is to admit those things inside of you that are not so great and work on making them better. (Elton E., 39)
  486. It's what you do that makes you happy, not what you have. (Shaid, 21)
  487. I love my self. (Laisha, 39)
  488. Sometimes friends, even best friends, can break your heart! (JD, 35)
  489. Nobody was born as a murderer, prostitute, failure, bad person, u name it all. Circumstances and situations of life changes us but still it's up to us what we want to become in life. Anyone can change from bad to good even visa versa. Any decision u make & believe in will follow, either good or bad. (Mmathabo, 24)
  490. It is amazing what you can achieve when you let go of the fear, and just do it. (Michelle, 40)
  491. Never back down or lessen yourself to someone who breathes the exact same air as you do. (Joseph, 19)
  492. When people are jealous of you, you are becoming successful. (JPM, 38)
  493. Family is family, everything else... ISN'T. (Canton S., 41) (
  494. To love is one thing but to choose to stay in love is another. (Kate, 21)
  495. I've learned that its not over unite God says it's over, people may tell you it's over, the situation may tell you it's over- it will only be over on your death day. (Matthew O., 23)
  496. Whatever your aim in life always take steps to avoid and be prepared for the exact opposite, but never lose site of your initial and hopefully decent intentions. (Anonymous, 44)
  497. To expect is a good thing but dont expect too much that your expectations will be the reason for your failure. (Punam, 18)
  498. I have begun to realize the importance of making someone else feel good; to go out of my way to make someone else's day; to see a person and try to understand what they are going through. How far we go in life all comes down to the level of compassion we decide to have each day. We can steer ourself in any direction we choose. How much different our world would be if we gave up all of our selfish desires and saw the value of human dignity. (Anna, 26)
  499. Notice that the word family has an I Love You at the end. This is my advice, family comes first. (Mark, 35)
  500. Stop worrying about what will happened in the future, doing so will prevent you to live the present to the fullest. (Tabatha, 34)
  501. When all appears lost, there is always HOPE. (Jackie, 54)
  502. It’s weird the older I get and the more people I meet, the more I realize how you should and should not talk or act towards others. Yet at the same time, the older I get and the more people I meet, the less I want to. (Marty, 39)
  503. One of the hardest things in life is often the most necessary; being by yourself. If you can't help yourself, then how can you help others? (Travis H., 32)
  504. Sometimes in life u realize u have to live with the hand u were dealt and learn how to win the game with it. (Amanda S. 28)
  505. Don't be like me and lose all your knowlegde you had at 15. (Anonymous, 18)
  506. Some things don't always have to be nice to be enjoyable. (Graeme H., 17)
  507. Once you love someone, it is never the same. So dispose their friendship if they do not like you in return. For its alot harder to keep something that you know is fake, than to ditch for something that is real. (Adam, 22)
  508. I've learned tht your close friends so called to be can be your worst enemies. (Ametrius, 25)
  509. In life you're meant to forgive and forget but in realitly you never forget. (Sarah, 17)
  510. When things get to unbearable get on your knees and pray. Trust me it works! (Rasheedah, 33)
  511. Never take anything for granted nothing is permanent absolutely nothing. (Mya, 50)
  512. If you live just to pull others down, you're the one who won't reach the top. (Libiano N., 19)
  513. No matter what the situation is like, life goes on. (Fadzai,17)
  514. No matter what age, size, or race; look pass the norm, look pass soietys view of the average American - you're better than that. The only way you'll be truly happy in this world, is by giving love to all of those who need it. (Brandon, 20)
  515. NEVER sleep with someone you been with for a month, they will eventually hurt you at the end. (Stephanie, 15)
  516. If you live your life without expectations you won't be disappointed. No expectations = no disappointments. (Roy, 63)
  517. Love and embrace every moment of every day of your life. (Irma, 48)
  518. I have realized that building hate and anger has spoiled only my time and not the one I hate or angry with. (Shobana, 32)
  519. Never give up. Don't let the drama bring you down. (Leonie, 16)
  520. I've learned that parents are the imagery of a earthly God to their children so take responsiblity in making your character like Him, by reading and meditating in His word daily. So the Holy Spirit can come and be a comforter to you in your years of parenting. (Joyce, 40)
  521. Have faith to know you are here for a higher purpose. God is the answer. In the end, it's the "dash" between the two numbers on your headstone that matter. Make a difference every day! (Tony, 54)
  522. When I trust God, everything in my life will unfold as it should. (Alena, 61)
  523. I've learned that there are fewer absolutes than I once believed there to be. (Bill, 48)
  524. Never discourage your partner in bedroom, under any circumstances. It will be the invitation to life long misunderstanding. (Y., 64)
  525. Never argue/quarrel in front of children. (Y., 64)
  526. You can't make anyone proud until you are proud of yourself. (Justin, 16)
  527. Never give up hope, never give up your aspirations and never give up your dreams, no matter what or who stands in your way. Because if you don't what you have worked so hard is lost. Always believe in your dreams. (Robert, 28)
  528. The wisest person in the world knows they have a lot to learn. (Helena M., 46)
  529. Not everyone is going to like you, however, you have to like yourself. That's what matters. (Dee, 51)
  530. Love yourself more than others and respect yourself if you want others to respect you. (Samantha, 18)
  531. If you can't find the strength to live your own life then you won't be happy in the end. (Krista, 20)
  532. Try not to base your happiness on other people, because in the end everyone lets you down. (Danny, 19)
  533. Listen to the voice of your soul and heart, don't waste the time spending on the lives of other people. Just be yourself, learn to follow your dreams, and most importantly, be positive. (Viktor C., 20)
  534. The word love is overused, but the action isn't used enough. (Kiersten, 17)
  535. Let past hurts go, live in the moment, but never forget about your future. (Anonymous, 20)
  536. Always be sure to love the best you can, and if someone doesn't love you back, remember that someone still does... you. (Alexander S., 28)
  537. True love only comes once in a life time. (Jessica, 23)
  538. If you're not living life to the fullest, you need to move closer to the edge. (Jim & Debbie, 65)
  539. Never lose the kid inside you! As people get older they tend to become too serious and lose their silliness and playful side. Grab a balloon and a friend and play 'keepy up's' (don't let the balloon touch the floor!). If you haven't played this since you were a kid, you may feel silly, but that's the point. There is nothing wrong with being silly, no matter what age you are. (Dean, 34)
  540. The only thing that is really important is love. Look for reasons to love people, love yourself and be kind to yourself. Don't look for anything in return... just keep loving, even when it feels futile, and the person you are trying to love can't seem to accept it. Love them in spite of themselves. (Elaine, 53)
  541. There is no void so empty as the loss of a friend. (Anonymous, 80)
  542. Influence is all we have; the only person you can change is yourself. (Mike W., 55)
  543. Sometimes life isn't fair no matter how hard you work or how much you sacrifice because there will be others who will do less than you yet get more out of it. Take what you can out of life and live it to the fullest. There's no point in waiting for something to happen when you can just enjoy it. (Riva, 34)

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