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Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting abundance is about being able to attract more than you need. This can be in any area such as money, friendship, or success. For the purposes of making it easier to understand, I'll be focusing on money since it's something that can be measurable and is also something that most people want more of. First, you need to know what prevents you from having more abundance in your life. After that, I'll give you some tips on how you can manifest abundance.

One of the main reasons why we don’t get what we want, according to the law of attraction, is that we keep focusing on why we don't have it. For example, if you keep focusing on how you're always broke and you keep talking about being broke to your friends, the universe will give you more of what you're focusing on. In others, you get what you consistently focus on. Even if you focus on not wanting something, you will still get it. The key is to focus only on what you want in order to attract it into your life.

Now abundance manifestation can be seen as something you do in your mind and as a result of it, you will manifest what it is you want physically, in reality. This can sound like the best discovery since sliced bread but it's not that simple. At least not in reality. You have to realize that people like to take shortcuts. If they had the choice between a buying, "8 Minutes Abs" and "7 Minute Abs", they will choose the 7 minute one. It is human nature to do what is easiest.

Not surprisingly then, once the law of attracting became well known, a lot of people came out and started teaching people how they can have all they want simply by imagining and seeing having abundance in their mind. This is part of the process but if you stop there, nothing is going to happen.

It's true that when you focus more on what you want and less on what you don't want, you will tend to have more of what you want. However, thoughts must be followed by action. Don't forget that.

So the first part of manifesting abundance is to focus on what you want. You can do this by visualizing already having what you want or even doing things like carrying around more money than you usually do in your wallet just to make having more money than you need feel more real to you. If it helps, go test drive the car you really want to buy. What these things will do is help you believe that it's possible for you. When you actually believe you can achieve something, you will act as if you cannot fail and when you do that, more often than not, you will succeed.

The second part of manifesting abundance is to be grateful for what you have. You see, abundance is nothing but a feeling. You may think abundance is having a ton of money but it's not. Do you think Donald Trump will feel abundant if he only had $1 million? Of course not, he would feel broke! When you are grateful for all that you have, to the point where you feel it emotionally, you will be able to experience abundance. When you constantly put yourself in this state, you will tend to attract more into your life. When you feel like you lack money you will tend to attract more bills into your life.

So to recap on how to manifest abundance, it comes down to focusing on what you want and being grateful for what you have. So if you want more money, focus on creating and having more money, not on your debt or how broke you are. After that, be grateful. Regardless of your current financial situation, you can always feel grateful for what you have because it can always be worse. When you put yourself in a state of gratitude, you will tend to attract people and circumstances into your life that will bring you more of what you are grateful about. Of course, as mentioned earlier, manifesting abundance won't happen without taking action. So be sure to take action.

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