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Millionaire Mindset

Is there such thing as a millionaire mindset? If so, what exactly is it? Whether or not there is such a thing will depend on your beliefs of what it takes to be a millionaire. If you think it requires luck or knowing the right people or being a crook, then in your mind, there is no such thing. However, if you believe that success in any field, even financial, can be learned, then in your mind, it definitely exists. Let's take a look at how your mindset can determine everything in your life.

Would you agree that someone who lives on the streets has a different mindset than someone who owns their own house? How about someone who makes minimum wage and someone who makes a 6 figure income? Do you think someone who is fit and in shape has a different mindset than someone who is overweight and out of shape? The answer to all of these questions should be, yes.

So what makes the difference in the mindset? It comes down to beliefs and standards. You see, people who are fit have different beliefs and expectations of themselves compared to people who aren't in shape. If you are fit, you believe that being fit is possible right? Of course you do. The reason is because you are already fit, it's your reality. However, for someone who has not only been overweight their whole life but hangs around other overweight people, it can be hard for them to believe that being fit is even possible.

The same goes for people with the millionaire mindset. They think differently and have different standards. If someone who has never made more than $50,000 a year comes up to someone who makes 2 or 3 times more than he or she does and asks them if he or she can become a millionaire one day, the other person would probably laugh. But if that person comes up to a millionaire, the reaction would be different only because the millionaire knows that it's possible.

The millionaire mindset comes down to a few distinctions in beliefs and standards. One of them is that they are more positive in nature. Instead of asking questions like, "Why can't I get what I want in life", they will ask, "What can I do to achieve my goals." In other words, they ask empowering questions. There are a lot of other things they do differently but it comes down to having the belief that becoming a millionaire is possible.

Now you may not care about being a millionaire and that is fine but the same is true for other things as well. You may want to develop a "fit mindset" or a "success mindset" for example. When we talk about having the right mindset, what we are really talking about is having the right beliefs. When you absolutely believe that you can accomplish something, you will take different actions than most people and as a result, you will have different experiences than most people.

Having a millionaire mindset or any other type of mindset does require some knowledge though. For example, millionaires know that owning a home is better than renting. They also know that working for yourself gives you a better chance of being rich than working for someone else. Likewise, some who is fit knows what they should and shouldn't eat as well as how to workout properly. There are many other things but any of these can be learned.

In order to develop a strong belief in yourself though, you need to do things like start hanging out with people who already believe what you need to believe. This is why if you hang around with millionaires long enough, you will be one yourself. On the other hand, hang around with broke people and you will be one of them as well. Again, having a millionaire mindset comes down to believing beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's possible for you. If you want to read more about this subject, a great book to read is called, "The Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker.

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