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Motivational Videos

Here are some powerful motivational videos that I believe will help inspire, motivate, and pump you up. These motivational video clips include speeches, scenes from classic movies, and many other motivation videos to help inspire you.

Nothing beats a good motivation video. You get the visual effect as well as the auditory. Powerful images combined with powerful music will definitely awaken the fire within your soul and get you to take massive action towards your dreams.

Some are classics that will stir up some old positive feelings. Some you've probably never seen but will hopefully make you want to save it for later use.

Also see the inspirational videos page for lots of short inspiring videos which you could purchase on DVD to give as gifts or incentives.

If you are looking to purchase/license high quality videos to use for opening sales trainings or other corporate events, check out the videos below.

Customizable Motivation Videos

The Right Stuff
Ambition Rising
Reaching for New Heights
Taking Teamwork to the Summit
reaching new heights
Since Last We Met
Life’s Continuum Of Winners
Extreme Change
Riding The Edge Of Change
videoextreme change
Simply the Best
Exceeding Expectations
Star Spangled Banner
Celebrating Our Heritage
simply the bestmotivation
America the Beautiful
Our Great Nation:
A Stunning Pictorial
X-treme Sports
Inspiring X-treme Performance
america the beautiful
Countdown Timer
Capturing The Experience
Challenge of Leadership
Iconic Leadership Trilogy
Jazz it Up
Artfully Compelling
Music Powerhouse
Dream Boundless
Workplace Aspirations
with an Athletic Edge
jazzdream boundless
Thru Town
Fast-paced Urban Cruise
2 Success
Private Andy
thru townprivate andy
Building Blocks
Foundation For The Future
I Got a Feeling
Challenging Call To Action

Motivational Video Clips

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The Little Frog
Messaging & Animation
that Leap Beyond
Hubble Solution
Learning Opportunities
– The Majesty of Mistakes
One Small Step
One Giant Motivational Video
A New Deal
Time-Honored Perspective
on Current Challenges
Acts of Kindness:
Their Humbling Power
Personal Strength
Shining Under Duress
Individual Ability
to Disrupt Bullying
The Cracked Pot
Exploring New Ways
to Find Value
redcracked pot
Training Wheels
Effective Mentoring:
Enabling Self Reliance
The Watts Towers
Determination Triumphs Above All
training wheelswatts tower
Where Ending Discrimination Begins
Darius Goes West
Heartwarming Grass Roots
Grit & Collaboration
Welcome Home
Celebrating Selfless Dedication
to Greater Good
Extraordinary Animal World Lesson
for Mankind
welcome home

If you didn't find a clip that is a fit for you what you're looking, you can also use the find a movie clip option as well. Be sure to mention this website in the fill out form.

Various Motivational Clips

Power of DeterminationMotivational Speeches
   steve jobs

Powerful videos about giving your all.   Steve Jobs, Will Smith, and many more.

Sports MotivationInspirational Messages
Motivational   motivational

Collection of motivational sports videos.   Brian Tracy, Montel Williams, and more.

Motivational ClassicsLight-Hearted Videos
classic motivational   

Classic Inspirational Videos like Rocky.     Humor can also inspire you.

As more videos are discovered or recommended, I'll be adding them. The most important thing to remember is that when are in a state of motivation, regardless of what got you there, the best thing you can do is to take massive action. Motivation without action is pointless. However, your actions must be focused if you want the best results. To do this, you will need to know exactly what it is that you want in your life.

You see, the people who are able to achieve their dreams and goals are the ones who know exactly what they want. When the inspiration hits them, they will know what to do right away and not waste their energy. When you get motivated, that powerful feeling only lasts so long. So it's important to use it while you still have it. The clearer your goals are, the longer that motivating feeling will last since you're aiming it towards something you truly want to achieve.

Success in life isn't that much of a mystery like many gurus make it out to be. It just comes down to knowing what you want, finding out the strategies that will take you there, and taking massive action in that direction until you achieve your outcome. The fuel is your motivation, your passion. This is why this website exists in the first place. These motivational videos are just one of the tools you can use. Check out the other pages as well.

Highly recommended

If you want to watch the rest of the 3 hour seminar for free, go to the Unlimited Power Seminar page

The Shift - A movie with Dr. Wayne Dyer. Finding Your Life's Purpose.


Watch the full video: The Shift (12 parts)

Here is a great business motivational video:

If you are looking for inspiring movie clips to help motivate your employees, check out the inspirational videos page.

Also check out...

Inspirational People

Motivational Videos

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