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Too Much Learning Can Paralyze You

September 12th, 2010 by Kevin Ngo

Is it possible to learn too much? With so much information that's available and accessible with just a click of a button, it's impossible for any one person to know everything there is to know. While this is true, there is still such a thing as learning too much, to the point where you get paralyzed in terms of taking action.

Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal and ended up doing tons of research on how to achieve the goal? As you learned more and more, it felt like you knew less and less because when you learned a new concept or strategy, you found that there was a lot more to know about those things.

Often times, people will get stuck in this trap of needing to gather more and more information. There's nothing wrong with learning a lot, but when you let learning get in the way of doing, you will never get going. When you never get going, you still never start having the things you want in life.

A better way to go about achieving a goal is to gather some information and immediately start taking action on what information you have gathered. I realize that many times you will feel unprepared, and that's okay. The best way to learn besides having someone who's done what you want to do show you how to do it is to take action and learn from the results you get from those actions.

When you are able to get past that initial fear of not being perfect and just take the first step, you will be further ahead than the majority of people who are still in the preparation stage. It's good to be prepared especially in situations such as a pilot and crew making sure the plane is ready to take off, but over preparation in trying to reach a goal won't get you results. Realize that you already have what it takes to get started on your goals. The knowledge and skills you will need will be picked up along the way.

If a baby wanted to learn how to walk, it will never be able to do it by sitting there and analyzing how to walk. The best way for a baby to walk is to actually get up off its behind and start walking. Sure it may fall, but with every fall, it will learn what is working and what is not and adjust to it. By doing this over and over, it will eventually learn to walk. This is the approach you want to take when you want to achieve your goals as well. It works. Look around you, almost everyone knows how to walk. Learning more is great but if all you're doing is learning and not taking action, it's time to change that. Just take the first step!

Until next time...

Love Life. Do Good. Live Well.

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