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What causes unhappiness? If you believe that the main goal in life is to be happy, then being unhappy is probably the number one thing you will want to avoid at all cost. Feeling happy is quite easy once you know how. Unfortunately, so is being unhappy. This article will give you a couple of insights into what causes this emotion and will give you some tips on how you can create greater happiness in your life. Whether or not this will work for you will depend on your willingness to just be.

If you have asked yourself, "Why am I unhappy" and had a hard time figuring out the answer, then the first thing you will need to know is where unhappiness comes from. Any emotion is a cause of your physiology and your focus. If you are feeling down, it's because you are focusing on things that will make you feel down. Not only that, it's likely that your body posture is generally down as well. These two things combined will make anyone feel unhappy.

Whether you are unhappy at work or unhappy with life in general, what you will want to do is to notice what you are consistently focusing on. If you are constantly focusing on why life sucks, you're going to feel lousy. How can you not? If you focus on how you will never find happiness, chances are, you never will.

Try this out. Think of a time when you were happy. Now focus on what you were focusing on at that time and notice how you feel. The point of this is that you can control how your feel. Happiness or unhappiness is just a feeling that we create in our mind due to a set of rules that we have created for ourselves. What I mean by this is that when you are happy, it's because the situation, event, circumstances, etc. that made you feel happy passed your rules of being happy.

If your rules of being happy is be super successful, have lots of money, have a great job, be smiling and feeling good all of the time, getting respect and admiration from everyone you meet, you can be sure that you are going to be pretty miserable with your life. Unhappiness comes from your rules of being happy not being met.

If you can understand that then you will realize that you have absolute control over how happy you are. Some people's rule of being happy is to wake up above ground. This means that each morning when they wake up, as long as they are alive, they are happy. It's when you learn to not make it so damn difficult to be happy that you will start to be happier. When that happens, your unhappiness will fade away.

Learn to drop the rules that society has brainwashed you into creating. It may even help to visit some people who are terminally ill just to realize that you have no problems and that life is way too short to be walking around feeling unhappy all the time.

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